About Me

In December 2020, I started the MBIT (Markets Business Investing and Tech) Podcast with the goal of sharing quick news bites in business and tech with the next generation. But I soon realized that news wasn’t my passion. I wanted to do something unique.

So, I pivoted the show into something I love. Asking questions. Every week, I sit down with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and even billionaires to share their stories with the next generation.

So whether you are starting a business, looking to become an investor, or even just seeking to learn from the greatest minds in the industry, MBIT is the community for you.

I hope the content is valuable, and if you ever need anything from me, have any suggestions, or want to recommend a potential guest, you can email me 24/7 here: mbitcontact1(at)gmail(dot)com.

I currently hold roles as the founder of MBIT and a Venture Fellow at Blitzscaling Ventures (backed by Reid Hoffman).

In the past, I have led business development for the early-stage startup, Valley, was responsible for 1/3 of the company’s paid pilot revenue, and worked at Columbia Business School.

P.S. The voice of our podcast intro may sound familiar, especially if you've lived in New York. It's on behalf of Charlie Pellett, the Official Voice of the NYC Subway. :) 🚈

Thank You,